Destiny Review

David Orona

The new game Destiny: The Taken King is a game for both Xbox 1, Play Station 4, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 consoles. For all new players, the legendary edition is available where ever video games are sold. The Legendary edition contains Destiny, the first two expansions and Destiny: The Taken King.
This game is designed and marketed by the producers of familiar titles such as Halo produced by Bungie and Call of Duty produced by Activision. The resources that both franchises control were pooled to make this game one for the ages. For those squeamish about violent content, do not worry it is only rated teen, not mature like the other popular games that these designers have produced.
The game has a first-person point of view, with a multi-player campaign. You are traveling through the solar system trying to destroy the God-Knight Crota, son of the Taken King Oryx. Crota and his Taken army have infected the moon and have their eyes on the last safe place in the solar system: Earth. As the game progresses, the players have chances to level up themselves and their weapons. The players’ experience are measured in light levels. Eventually you will face the biggest boss yet, Crota.
The Taken King picks up with Oryx and his Taken Dreadnaught arriving in Saturn’s solar rings. Oryx’s purpose, to destroy human civilization and leave our solar system a barren waste land. All that stands in his way are you and your fellow Guardians, Crota’s killers.
For those more experienced with the game series, there are new weapons and subclasses, to play with. Some of the new armors are light based while yet others are based off your twisted enemies: the Taken. Those who are more conservative do not have to worry, you can now continue to level up your older battle-tried weapons.
This is a game for most people. The controls are thoroughly explained and easy to use. For players of other video games by Bungie and Activision, the controls are very familiar. Do not worry about losing your spot as the game has an amazing auto-save feature.