The Life of Pablo Review

Vulgar yet catchy Kanye West has always been known for being a very intense and an extreme character. In his new album “The Life of Pablo” he carries on his tradition of hard hitting rap, but he also shows influence of the new generation of hip-hop music.

I can hear the beat similarities between some of Kanye’s new songs and some of the new content artists like Future have released. Though his new music is being influenced by today’s culture Kanye has always had a very broad range of the types of music he creates, such as how most songs are more hip-hop based like “Famous” and “Feedback” while others like “FML” and “Waves” are more of a softer R&B.

There is also a twist, some songs like “Ultralight Beam” and “Low Lights” are an example of tracks in the new album with a reference reference to God as a holy figure.

I believe his success has come from using his skills in a wide area of music so almost anyone can listen to some of his songs and enjoy them. I have a history of liking most of Kanye’s work yet I never was a huge fan, but I must admit this album has its fair share of good music.

Kanye can definitely be very large headed and rude in his personal life but you cannot base talent purely on character. Kanye has a voice that people want to listen to and he has a way of creating a very popular art.

Most of the songs on this album can be seen as arrogant and rudimentary but really I think they are all just an artistic form of Kanye’s opinions that he strongly enforces. Some songs: “Freestlye 4,” “Feedback” and “No More Parties in LA” all seem to be the only songs with no real message that Kanye is trying to point out.

I enjoy almost every track on the album except for “Wolves” and “Fade” because they just aren’t in my taste and they don’t necessarily follow the same steps as the rest of the album. Also I disliked “Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission” because it really has no relevance to be in an album at all, I found it more annoying than anything else especially when it interrupts the up-beat mood that the album creates.