Steinfeld Amazes in ” Edge of Seventeen”


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Haley Keizur, Social Media Editor

“You are only young once… is it over yet?”

The tagline for “Edge of Seventeen” perfectly captures the essence of the movie. Every high school student knows just how tough high school can be and Nadine, Krista and Darian are no exception.

Hailee Steinfeld continues to impress in the new film “Edge of Seventeen,” which premiered Nov. 18. Steinfeld portrays Nadine alongside Haley Lu Richardson and Blake Jenner who play Krista and Darian.

The movie follows Nadine and all her awkwardness throughout her junior year. She runs into unexpected trouble when her best friend Krista begins dating her older brother and is forced to rely on her history teacher (Woody Harrelson) and a fellow classmate (Hayden Szeto) for support.

I have been awaiting this movie since it was first announced over the summer. I have been in awe of Steinfeld since her “True Grit” days and I could not wait for her to play a role that I could relate to. She definitely captured my attention throughout the film.

The plot in the film was exceptionally put together. It captured teenage angst in a comedic and dramatic way without being too cliché or overdone. Nadine successfully fought with her mom and brother while battling high school social groups.

The acting also made the movie very enjoyable. Steinfeld, along with the other actors, made the film memorable and relatable to both present and past teenagers. I was able to laugh and cry along with the characters.

SInce I have a brother and best friend, the characters’ close and not-so-close bonds were very similar to the relationships I have. I laughed at the inside jokes between Nadine and Krista and felt the pain when they fought.

There were definitely some concepts and storylines that were very specific to the plot, so in some ways I could not relate, such as my friend choosing my brother over me. However, the story was told in a way that while I could not connect with that exact situation, I understood Nadine’s frustration and inability to handle it.

Overall, this was a must see for anyone on the edge of 17 or on the edge of 27. Or 47. Or 67. It is a great film for anyone needing a laugh or a life lesson and interested in a coming-to-age film.

“Edge of Seventeen” was compared to classics like the “Breakfast Club” or “Mean Girls” and I totally agree. Prepare for lots of laughs and many memorable moments.