Johnson Heads into Track Season


Edgemont Junior High freshman Meiko Johnson is running and jumping his way to the Olympics in his future.
Johnson is a member of the PHS track and field team, he runs hurdles and has been racing since fourth grade.
According to Johnson, he has not always enjoyed track
“I got into track in fourth grade when the Northwood track coach, Mrs. Herrick, forced me to join. I was never the fastest or strongest in elementary [school] so it was not my favorite until seventh grade. That is when Mr. Shick got me started with hurdles, which I instantly fell in love with. Then my love for track just took off from there,” Johnson said.
Johnson won his first race in seventh grade against Stahl Junior High.
“I do not remember too much [about my first meet] but what I do remember was me wearing knee-high Spongebob socks, making me look like even more of a toothpick. Still not really knowing how to hurdle, I just kind of jumped and hoped for the best. I ended up winning this somehow and I legitimately thought I was a god because I had never won before,” Johnson said.
The freshman is looking into joining a club track team for the Junior Olympics. According to Johnson the opportunity is not only a source of excitement but a way to better himself.
“I heard about it when I met my friend Christal Johnson. Her dad talked to me about their club track team. This just sounded extremely fun and since I wanted to stay in shape during off season, it sounded perfect,” Johnson said.
According to Johnson, he would not be able to do this without all his supporters and family cheering him on.
“My friends always willing to come to meets, coaches… will give their all to help one kid and teammates [are] always cheering you on your worst days to your best. These three elements really just keep me wanting to run forever,” Johnson said.