Netflix: She-Ra and the Princess of Power Review

Netflix’s has recently released a new TV series, She-Ra and the Princess of Power.  She-Ra is based on the original She-Ra TV show that came out in 1985.

It takes place in a world where Adora (Aimee Carrero) was raised as part of the Horde, a group that is main goal is to take over the world that they live in.  

Adora was taught that princesses were evil and never to be trusted and the outside place is very dangerous.  


Throughout the story you get to know the characters and see their true ideals come to light. Like how Catra (AJ Michalka)  just wanted to get out in the world originally, but has a darkside thirsting for power that is strong enough to not want to leave the Horde with her best friend that she’s known all her life.  

One thing I loved was the constant battle between two old friends who chose two different sides. The fact that they formed this kind of rivalry is amazing and something the original She-Ra did not have.  

Compared to the original, the plot structure is drastically different. In the beginning it keeps the same theme of the Evil Horde battling the Great Rebellion and Adora starting out on the Horde’s side, but other than that and the names of the characters, almost everything else is different.

The whole main concept of the story is the classic light versus dark theme and having ties to the other side which can cause difficulties using full force in battle.  


The animation and graphics used in She-Ra were awesome and helped the personality of the characters become more believable and alive. Also, the characters looking more kid like makes Netflix’s She-Ra more kid friendly.

When comparing the two backgrounds together you can tell that the design concepts are similar.  The new background shares some of the original artworks feachers and when they are seen together the similar details were more obvious.

The design concepts being so close to the original but updated to look like modern-day TV, makes you feel like you really are going back to the original She-Ra world.



All the characters have changed in not only appearance but also the attitudes. Glimmer (Karen Fukuhara) in Netflix’s is much more reckless and her attitude shows it! In the original, she would not risk as much for the Rebellion and made her seem as not as important character.  

She-Ra, also known as Adora, is much more confused on what she must do but still cares for her friend Catra, which helps thicken the plot even more. Also, Adora’s new Horde outfit suits her personality more while keeping a little bit of her original outfit’s look.  


In the end I think that Netflix’s She-Ra is a great show to watch for people who like animated styled work and for kids. I enjoyed every bit of She-Ra and it seemed even better when comparing it to its original 1985 TV show.