Offset Album Review “Set Gala”

Offset is a member of the Migos rap group and while all three members of the Migos make music together, recently they have been making solo albums. The album Father Of 4 is about Offset’s life, revolving around his children, worldwide problems and his childhood.

The first song on the album “Father Of 4” (feat. Big Rube) revolves around Offset’s children. It’s a good song but it’s not the best and doesn’t stand out from the others because most of the other songs are more upbeat and have features like J. Cole, Cardi B, Gunna, Quavo and more.

“How Did I Get Here” (feat. J. Cole), the second song on the album, has a great beat and Offset raps mostly about his past life, when he went to prison and missed valuable time with his kids. J. Cole raps about worldwide problems and a little about his past.

“Legacy” (feat. Travis Scott & 21 Savage) is about the legacy Offset wants to leave behind when he is done with rap. Offset brought rappers Travis Scott and 21 Savage onto this track because he wants the legacy he is trying to leave behind to be remembered.

The last song on Offset’s solo album is “Came A Long Way.” This song is all about Offsets past life, when he was a criminal and how far he’s come from a kid to a successful, influential rapper.

This album is for people who like stories and great beats. It is not the album of the year but it’s a great example of modern rap and what kind of beats are popular today.