PHS Student-Athletes and COVID-19

Tallan Haueter, Staff

PHS’s student-athletes completed a full season of fall sports.

Because of the hybrid schedule of second semester, fall sports took place last summer—often in very hot conditions.

Now that schools are fully opened, masks are required for some team activities like meetings, but not during play.

Senior tennis player Patrick Kim feels that the masks get noticed. Tennis players had to wear masks during team meetings and while not playing, but not in play or practice.

“When you’re actually playing…[masks] kind of get in the way,” Kim said.

While the mask mandate is uncomfortable for some, some athletes see them as a way to help end COVID-19.  The cross-country team, for example, required masks indoors, with masks being required to bring (not to wear) outdoors.

“[Masks] keep us on the field for longer,” football player Micah Balzarini said. Masks reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. If a team has enough Coronavirus cases, the whole team will have to quarantine.

For girls’ soccer, masks were not required to be worn during play, but wearing them in general was encouraged.

PHS Athletic Director Kelly Susee says COVID-19 has tripled the work for school’s athletics.

“There’s just so many…guidelines that the Department of Health has given us that we need to implement…to make sure that our athletes are safe…It’s for student-athletes but it’s also for fans,” Susee said.