New Solo Pop Artist Nathan Sykes “Kiss Me Quick”

Nathan Sykes is a solo pop artist parting ways from his former boy band, “The Wanted. “ He has released his new single “Kiss Me Quick, “to start his solo career.

The overall music video was bland and didn’t tell a story as well as it could have. The song “Kiss Me Quick, “alone is catchy but didn’t reflect a very interesting story line. Also the song wasn’t very long and was repetitive while saying “Kiss Me Quick, “way too often for the most part. He is trying to show himself as a new and current pop artist but only reflected a very stereotypical pop artist. He is definitely trying to seem very seductive towards his audience by making weird glaring facial expressions, although I was definitely not seduced.

The plot was very short and “quick. “ He sang about a girl that we do not know anything about, and he simply restates multiple times for her to kiss him “quick. “ The plot is a dead end without any clear story telling within the lyrics of the song. This song turned into a very average pop song that was also extremely bland and unoriginal. The plot failed to interest me in any way because even without the clear storytelling, it would have been easy to guess the ending of this unoriginal, everyday love song.

I liked very few things about this music video, along with the song itself. The one thing that the song itself will be successful by is the fact that it is extremely catchy. The music video was clever because of the sudden camera movements corresponding with the beat of the song, as well as the movement of the singer himself with the quick camera direction changes. The lighting was also perfect to compliment the artist’s features around his face. Also the elegance of having trumpets and drums to compliment the beat of the song was definitely a plus of having a very classic sound.

There was more things I didn’t like about this production, than the things I did like. I just really was not interested in the story because there was no story to begin with. There was just one aspect the pop artist sung about which the phrase was, “kiss me quick. “ There was no backstory or build up to the catchy phrase, he just right out said it with no follow up. He seemed to have tried to sway the audience with his cheesy close up shots rather than the song he was actually singing.

The audience will vary and every pop artist no matter how looked at, will have a certain type of audience. The people who adored him from the former British-Irish boy band, “The Wanted, “will certainly love the fact that he is pursuing a solo career. True Nathan Sykes followers also have the rest of his album coming out later this year to look forward to. Haters of this pop artist like myself will hate, others will adore him. What actions his audience will take will vary to buying all his songs, or not liking the decision of leaving “The Wanted” and disliking him as a whole. Either way, Nathan Sykes will be successful reeling in his designated audience.