Fallin’ In Love With ‘One Kiss’


“One Kiss” by Calvin Harris featuring Dua Lipa is a must listen to for any electronic music lover.

The Scottish DJ has returned to his original style of deep house, jazz music mixed in with techno, in this single.

Harris utilizes an uplifting beat, one that you could tap your feet to, or in my case, shake your head to while driving. The beat pairs nicely with the calming voice of Dua Lipa, as they complement each other with the simplistic pattern of chord and lyric.

The chorus is simple to match the beat patterns, yet it also stands out to the audience: “One kiss is all it takes fallin’ in love with me.”

The breakdown of the song offers a strong vocal with less beat causing an intense moment within the song, creating a build up to the ending chorus.

Dua Lipa’s voice matched perfectly to Harris’ style.  Her voice was smooth and subtle to combat the high synthesizers in the song.  While her voice also was matching the intensity of the bass.

My one complaint would be that the song is too long for the amount of content Harris had.  Honestly, the song could have been cut down from it being more than three minutes to around two minutes.

Overall, the song is very repetitive but this is what makes the song so catchy.  ‘One Kiss’ is a song that is easy to sing to. Harris’ ‘One Kiss’ is a must add to your daily playlist.