Fall Music


What is fall music? 

In the past, music hasn’t necessarily been defined by seasons but I feel like people generally have a tendency to listen to specific songs or types of songs when it comes to certain times of the year. The weather is getting colder and it’s raining. When that happens, one of the best things to do is just curl up with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea and listen to music.

A good general definition of fall music is music that makes you feel comfortable or at home. Here are some songs that fit that description, at least for me.

The first song that immediately comes to mind is Cough Syrup by Young the Giant. This song has amazing instrumentals and the song itself is about breaking barriers and breaking free of a traditional suburban lifestyle. It always makes me feel like I should curl up by the window when it’s raining and just watch the raindrops roll down the window.

The next song I think of is Lego House by Ed Sheeran. Most acoustic songs make me think of fall and this is just one that tops the list. It has super romantic lyrics and makes me feel nostalgic for older Ed Sheeran music.

           Rollercoaster by Bleachers is the most upbeat song on this list, but still reminds me of fall as much as the others. This song always puts me in a better headspace when the weather is dreary. It never fails to make me have a mini dance party in my room.

          Now this next song is a major throwback. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol reminds me of my early memories of fall. My dad would always play it on his iPod Nano when we were on long drives, maybe to the pumpkin patch or to our favorite coffee place. Not that I ordered coffee as a kid but my sister and I would get caramel apple cider.

          This list would be incomplete if I didn’t mention Thriller by Michael Jackson. This song doesn’t necessarily remind me of fall but it definitely reminds me of Halloween. The music video is spectacularly spooky and the song is a classic.

           Hello World by Lady Antebellum is definitely not the most well-known song, particularly because it’s a country song. I know, some country music is just bad but Lady Antebellum is different. The song isn’t a cliche country song or “bro country” as some like to call it. The song itself is very soft and acoustic and the people in the group harmonize so well. 

              Another country song on this list is Life in a Northern Town, but it’s not the original. This version has a collaboration of country artists, Little Big Town, Sugarland and Jake Owen and it was released in 2008 after being recorded live. The harmonies and contrasts in vocals make this version better than the original, at least to me.

            The final song is All I Want by Kodaline. It has very quiet vocals that build up throughout the song. When it gets closer to the end of the song, right before the end, there’s an amazing instrumental part that makes me want to go on a road trip to see fall leaves or to go on a hike and just wander.

           Fall music doesn’t have the same definition to everyone because everyone likes different types of music. Music itself is not defined by seasons or anything else. Rather, it is defined by memories, connections and experiences.