Frozen Sequel Exceeds Expectations

        Frozen is an animated movie for kids and families. Frozen was released into the Disney universe in 2013 and ended up being a hit with all ages and exceeding $100 million in box offices. Even before the news of the sequel it was still prevalent with young kids. Then this fall Disney gave their fans another movie to add to their collection, Frozen’s sequel, Frozen 2 was released after months of built up anticipation. Frozen 2 went above and beyond my expectations, it was a fantastic movie.

 It started off with familiar faces, reintroducing the main characters Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Kristoff (Jonathan Geoff). The characters are still in Arendelle with Elsa as their queen. Like the first movie, the storyline continues Elsa’s struggles with her magic, except now there is an unknown call to her that only she can hear. Elsa takes action and acknowledges the call by reaching out through song, waking the spirits of nature. The spirits end up causing a disruption in Arendelle. After the problems arose, Elsa retaliated, deciding to take a trip with Anna and Kristoff following the trail of singing call. The call eventually leads them to their deceased parents’ past bringing up some unanswered questions. The two sisters venture through unmarked territory leading to things they never knew about their families’ past. After getting those answers, Elsa made the choice to send Anna somewhere safe while she carried on uncovering answers. She found all her answers at once, including where the calling was from.

 The creators did a fantastic job showing how the two sisters evolved throughout both movies. Anna and Elsa became more independent and adventurous in this movie. They also did a great job continuing the characters stories also exploring unseen personality traits of both sisters.

However, I did not like that they introduced new characters towards the end of the movie because they make us assume what they do after they’re introduced. While still being supplementary, the soundtrack of this movie was not as catchy or appealing as the songs the characters performed in the first movie.

As a Disney fanatic, this movie exceeded my expectations and really tapped into all my emotions. It has a certain appeal to it that drew my attention and I highly recommend people to watch it.