Bridgerton Episode 1 Review

By the end of the first episode seeing of what it was like being the early nineteenth century not knowing how arrangements went and seeing firsthand how they did really bring a new light to that time in history. Even though Bridgerton shows life from the upper-class it really sheds a light on the fact that it wasn’t all happy just because you had money, it shows that not everything was perfect for everyone even if they did have an immense amount of wealth.  

The new Netflix show ‘Bridgerton’ follows a town of people from the early nineteenth century Britain. One of the main families in the show is from the widowed Lady Bridgerton who is a mother to eight children. She has four sons; Anthony, Benedict, Colin and Gregory; and four daughters; Daphne, Eloise, Francesca and Hyacinth. As we meet the Bridgreton’s we are also introduced to the Fetheringtons unlike the Bridgertons they are not as wealthy but still very well known. The family consists of Lord Fetherington, Lady Fetherington and their three daughters Penelope, Philippa and Prudence.  

As we meet the Fetherington’s we learn that all of the girls are going to see the queen to see if they would be eligible in her standards as perfect and worthy enough for a man and for marriage. Lady Fetherington and as every other mother in the city only wants what’s best for their daughter but she had done more over the top, as she had made Prudence’s corsets too tight and as she was met with the queen had passed out from lack of air flow.  

After the Fetherinton’s had met with the queen they did not meet her standard but then Daphne Bridgerton was going to meet with the queen she had stood out to her and by the queens standards she was perfection and was worthy for any man. 

 Halfway through the episode we find out that Lord Fetherington’s distant cousin Marina Thompson comes in to stay with the Fetherington’s for a while, her family isn’t as wealthy as the Featherington’s but she has a very humble being unlike Philippa and Prudence. We also meet a new character the Duke of Hastings, comes back as invitation to the ball for girls to meet suiters, as Daphne is escorted by her brother Anthony who takes place of their father so he finds eligible suiters for her, Daphne goes to get a drink but she really goes to talk to other men, as she is going back to her brother she runs into the Duke of Hastings, when her brother finds her we learn that the Duke and Anthony were friends back in grade school. 

When Daphne and Anthony leave he assures her that the Duke has no intention to marry or to even have a Duchess, Daphne then asks to go home and with that she had not danced with any of the eligible men but Lord Featherington’s cousin Marina Thompson had caught the eyes of many men. The next morning Daphne who was said was perfect for any man by the queen had only one suiter come to propose a courtship by Nigel Berbrooke  which had been planned my her brother Anthony since he wasn’t seen out of his house which had made Anthony feel that he was a good man.  

Since Marina had many eyes of men on her she had almost all the men proposing courtships to her, this however made Lady Featherington mad that her daughters were not even getting looked at by any men. Marina had secretly though seeked an intimate relationship with one of the men without Lord or Lady Featherington knowing once they had found out she was told to stay in her room so she wouldn’t bring shame to the family.  

Later that night the Bridgerton’s invite the Duke for dinner, during the dinner Lady Bridgerton had the Duke and Daphne next to each other so they could hopefully make a connection but that was far from a connection they had not agreed on anything. After the dinner Lady Bridgerton and Anthony had a talk that if he is the man of the house his duty is to find his sister a suiter and not base his opinion on someone, he sees from the pub. 

 The next day there is another ball for the eligible women to be able to meet a potential suiter. Daphne had gone off away from Anthony to get air outside as she is leaving Nigel Berbrooke notices her leaving and follows her and proposes to her. She however has no interest in him and denies the proposal, what we find out is that Anthony had sworn to Nigel that Daphne will marry him, Nigel now furious that she has denied his proposal he begins to charge her but not to far away the Duke is hearing what is happening and goes to protect Daphne. He had knocked out Nigel in defense of Daphne. She is left speechless that the Duke had done that for her as they begin to talk the Duke says of how he is annoyed that all the mothers are throwing their daughters at him Daphne adds on that she only has one suiter that is now knocked out in front of her. 

As the Duke and Daphne are talking the Duke comes up with a plan. She wants more suiters he wants mothers to stop throwing their daughters at him. They decide to have a fake courtship so more men would have eyes on Daphne and mothers would stop with their daughters. As they are leaving to garden returning to the ball, they arrive hand in hand everyone who is at the ball are in shock. What everyone thinks now is that the queen was right Daphne was the most perfect girl for any man even for the Duke. As everyone is in awe of Daphne and the Duke the one person who was not happy was Anthony, he had made this arrangement with Nigel for him to marry Daphne now he’s seeing her being courted with the Duke.