“Star Wars The Force Awakens” Smashes Expectations

David Orona , Staff

“Star Wars Episode VII” came out recently and is already one of the top grossing movies ever, passing iconic movies such as “Titanic” and “Jurassic World.” The new movie far exceeded my expectations in both quality and staying true to the original Star Wars spirit: the spirit of the underdog staying in the fight because they know they are under a good cause no matter the odds.

“The Force Awakens” has a plot much like that of the first movie, “A New Hope.” The heroes start out on a planet much like the desert planet Tatooine. Just like the originals, the heroes; Fin, an ex-storm trooper and Rey, a parts scavenger; do not know they will be involved in an adventure of galactic proportions.

The moments of this continuation of the classical series are life like. The movie has the moments of no hope and the moments that made the cinematic series famous. Thrilling story, paired with heart breaking and funny scenes make this movie something to watch. The movie is a way for those of this younger generation to experience the magic of Star Wars. “The Force Awakens” featured the return of many iconic characters, including Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo and the introduction of a new group of heroes, Fin, Rey and Poe.

“The Force Awakens” has one thing that lowers its standing though. The plot, as a whole, is almost a complete copy of the first movie. The heroes start on a desert planet, then become embroiled in galactic conflict due to an attack by the antagonist.

This movie however is a great title to see in theaters, the 3-D version is an amazing experience. If that is out of your budget though, I would recommend waiting and adding this to your collection of movies. The second time I saw the movie, the events made to excite and give the audience a sense of righteousness still do a great job at this. This means that the movie will be enjoyable pretty much no matter how many times you sit down and enjoy the two hour 16 minute movie.