School dances provided opportunities, social experiences

Laci Doman, Staff

To many we believe that high school dances are important in our memories of are schooling, but are they really? 

One 1970 alumni, Jerry Norman, was vice president and helped plan some of the dances.  

“That was part of the fun, meeting other people,” Norman said. “It was a social event, so it was a good way to meet other folks.” 

Tolo dances were one kind of dance students had in 1970 and are dances that were sponsored by someone other than the school. Tolos were where, instead of the original idea of the guys asking the girls to the dance, roles were switched, and the girls were to ask the guys to the dance. Norman says he mainly remembers the dances at the rec. 

“Dances at the REC [the war memorial building on Meridian]were where we would have dances there on Friday night after the football game,” Norman said. 

For the alumni, there were more memorable activities/events from their schooling experiences that stuck more. The dances played a smaller role in how they remember their years in high school 

[Dances] do not play a big part; it wasn’t something that I looked forward to as much. I can’t say it was a big part of my schooling or my time at high school,” Norman said. 

School dances were one of the opportunities for you to be seen by others. You could also see how other social groups are outlined throughout the high school. 

“More of a popularity thing for sure. If you were anybody you had to be seen at the big dances and who you were with was important, kind of high school works,” Norman said.