The Viking Vanguard

Bartenhagen Finds Career in Teaching

Edward Hardie

December 20, 2019

Sylvia Bartenhagen is a graduate from the class of 1969. After graduating from Puyallup High School, she moved to Boise Idaho. She became a teacher in the Nampa School District and taught for 41 years before retiring. An important...

Popular Shows Provide Blueprint for Romance in 1994

Andi Wiegand

December 20, 2019

Surrounded by the influences of the Kelly, Dylan and Brenda love triangle, as well as the Kelly, Zach and Slater love triangle, love blossoming in the '90s was vastly different from the love blossoming in the modern-day era. However,...

Music in the 1960s

Colt Winchester, Gianna Richard, and Katelynn Kononczuk

December 17, 2019

1960s music is an era filled with exploring new possibilities.  Judy (Magin) Dogeagle is a 1969 alumni who took part in choir during her time at Puyallup High School. Now she currently...

How Being Involved In School Affects Your Life As An Adult

Gracie-Mae Lucero

December 17, 2019

People always say that being involved in sports and clubs in your school can make a better high school experience.   Have you ever wondered how it affects you after you graduate?   Do you use any of the skills you may have learned from high school sports in college or even you...

Carl Sparks Award of 1994

December 17, 2019

In 1994 senior Jim Na was awarded the Carl Sparks award.   “I participated in as many sports as I could, and I was always happy and proud to where anything that was Puyallup High School related,” Na said. &nb...

Sports Highlights of 1994

December 17, 2019

 Sports at Puyallup have stayed similar in the last 25 years.   The Vikings football team would be at Carl Sparks Stadium on a Friday night with the town in the stands watching.   The 1994 football team were co-champions of the SPSL and had an 8-2 record with t...

Remodel of Puyallup High School in 1994

Evan Archer

December 17, 2019

 Puyallup High School’s main classroom building went through a major renovation from June 1993 to September 1994.   This renovation forced the whole main building of campus to be closed and fenced off. Because of this, classrooms and the cafeteria had to be moved to portables and other lo...

Senior Assembly of 1969

Hannah Little

December 17, 2019

In June of 1969, about a week out from graduation, seniors and their parents gathered to celebrate fulfilling graduation requirements and making it through the four years of high school and to reflect on the good and the bad mom...

The Dark Side of Technology

December 17, 2019

Technology has evolved since 1994 and even further if one looks back to 1969, where rotary phones were considered cutting-edge technology.  With today's modern technology of face-ID in phones and Alexa, gener...