Alumni remember high school, offer advice

Kyra Kehm-Goins, Staff

While the alumni of Puyallup High School are no longer high schoolers, many of them say they still remember what it was like be a student.  

The alumni had many different experiences in school and have lots of advice related to things that current high schoolers may face on a daytoday basis. Many high schoolers can face high stress or anxiety levels trying to complete their homework or trying to balance their school and home lives.   

Teri Parkhouse, an alumnus from 1995, advised that you shouldn’t just try to ignore the stress and anxiety you’re facing.  

“Acknowledge it, find a trustworthy person to share and discuss the stress and anxiety, find a way to be less busy… It’s ok to not be busy. I never underestimate the potential help from seeking professional counseling either,” Parkhouse said.  

Another alumnus, Jerry Norman who graduated in 1970, suggested that doing something you enjoy is a good way to reduce stress levels. 

“When I get stressed out, I go do something fun. What do you like to do? Maybe it is playing the piano, maybe it is rock climbing, whatever, go do something fun. The other thing that really works for me to fight off the effects of stress or anxiety is a really good work out,” Norman said. 

Another thing students can get overwhelmed with is homework, especially when there’s a lot of it. Students find many ways to deal with large amounts of work, but Norman also had some advice towards managing and completing work. 

“Break the load down into sections, complete a task and take a break and do something fun for a short time. Then get right back to it and complete the next task,” Norman said. 

Lisa Bergman, an alumnus from 1970, also talked about the importance of taking breaks when working on lots of assignments.  

Having been an exercise teacher for years, I often recommend exercise for everything. Swim in the Puyallup Pool when it is open again! Walk. Dance. Do something physical every 15 minutes if you can,” Bergman said. 

Another thing that students may struggle with is finding ways to prepare for upcoming tests. Mike Bowerman, an alumnus from 1970, had some advice based on how he studied when he attended PHS. 

I learned to take a lot of classroom notes but reviewing- updating them is a key to good test preparationRelying on test subject hearsay can be disappointing. Pay attention to your teachers test reviews and don’t be afraid to ask them directly,” Bowerman said.