The Viking Vanguard

Working for the Weekend

Leo Quale, Op/Ed Editor

October 7, 2020

Have you ever felt you don’t know enough drug addicts or that you don’t get harassed by angry customers as often as you’d like? If you answer yes to either of these questions, working at a grocery store may be the perfe...

Is Science Still Fiction?

Katie Abegglen, Multimedia Editor

February 5, 2020

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe you are wrong?  Of course you have, you are human. Humans make mistakes.  Have you ever stopped to consider that science is more human than robotic? That the science...

My Self Care

Madison Guynup, Advertising Manager

February 5, 2020

   Recently, I have found myself in an unhealthy and self-degrading time in my life, pushing me to partake in a little bit of self-care.          I’ve taken on a...

How’s Your Sleep Game

Leo Quale, Op/Ed Editor

February 5, 2020

If teens need eight to 10 hours of sleep, then I just came up eight hours short.  When it comes to sleep, I, like many others my age, see sleep as an optional thing; it’s something you do if you have time, and recently...

My First Tattoo

Meiko Johnson, Managing

February 5, 2020

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment some are willing to live with for the rest of their life. Knowing this, I went in with some precautions because of mishaps that could occur. I’m 17, what many people would believe...

Cookie Recipe and Experience

Parisara Milan, Photographer

January 10, 2020

Growing up I always would watch my mom cook and help her as much as she allowed me to.   From the first time she let me stir the pot to the first time I was taught how to use a knife; we would cook varieties of Tha...

Managing My Time

Leo Quale, Op/Ed Editor

January 9, 2020

          Time really flies when you’re not doing your homework, especially when it’s due the next day.            I think every high schooler can relate to not having...

My River Story

Alana Wood, Staff

January 8, 2020

The Ozark Rivers in Missouri are a perfect place to swim in the summer.  Green trees would supply comfort from the harsh elements.  Rivers that fed the scenery were always full of trout and the dragonflies that...

Brockhampton Concert Experience

Lana Moss, Editor-in-Chief

January 8, 2020

Pumping bass, flashing lights, screaming fans. Although I had not been a Brockhampton fan for a very long time, I was still really passionate about them. As a whole collective and as individuals they are extremely unique and...

Why I Volunteer

Madison Guynup, Advertising Manager

January 8, 2020

        Volunteering gave me new perspectives, after volunteering for homeless shelters and schools I learned something new each time and it gave me new ways of thinking about my own life.         I...