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Counselors continue to be available to students

April 2, 2020

Are you in need of a PHS counselor? The counseling staff is available for any academic questions, social or emotional concerns or help with connecting with community resources. To reach a counselor,...

Athlete of the Month: Isaac Clark

February 29, 2020

Senior Isaac Clark has been a three-sport athlete since freshman year, competing in football, wrestling and track and field. Clark finished his junior year track placing 11th place at the state meet...

Ring Chasers

The team is in its 25th year with Wiese at the helm and if there was one word to describe those years, it would be winning. Wiese has compiled an impressive 468 wins, 16 SPSL league titles and two state championships in his time at Puyallup.
Viking Baseball Seeking Third Title in Six Years
February 26, 2020

Puyallup, WA- The Viking baseball team has one goal pinned to the wall year in and year out: Win a state championship. “Our goals are the same every year,” head coach Marc Wiese said.  The...

Temperature Changes Impact Learning

Temperature Changes Impact Learning
February 20, 2020

A whoosh of humid air rushes through the open window.  The humming of the numerous fans fill the fifth period silence.  Sleepy eyes sprinkle the classroom. Lethargic movements become the...

Puyallup Boys Basketball Playoff Preview

February 20, 2020

Puyallup's varsity boys basketball team has had a successful season heading into playoffs with a final regular season record of 13-3 in league and 15-5 overall. Puyallup won their final game of the season...

The Skywalker Saga Ends

The Skywalker Saga Ends
February 18, 2020

The Star Wars saga has defined the childhoods of three generations.  The millennials grew up with the prequels, Generation X grew up with the originals and Generation Z has grown up with the sequels...

Is Science Still Fiction?

February 5, 2020

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe you are wrong?  Of course you have, you are human. Humans make mistakes.  Have you ever stopped to consider that science is more human than...

My Self Care

February 5, 2020

   Recently, I have found myself in an unhealthy and self-degrading time in my life, pushing me to partake in a little bit of self-care.          I’ve...

How’s Your Sleep Game

February 5, 2020

If teens need eight to 10 hours of sleep, then I just came up eight hours short.  When it comes to sleep, I, like many others my age, see sleep as an optional thing; it’s something you do if...

My First Tattoo

February 5, 2020

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment some are willing to live with for the rest of their life. Knowing this, I went in with some precautions because of mishaps that could occur. I’m 17, what...

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