Debate coach earns recognition

Rachel Shaffer, Reporter

English and Speech and Debate teacher Sarah Sherry was named Debate Coach of the Year at the State Speech Tournament March 16-17.

“The nomination process was for all the debate coaches throughout Washington to get together and choose [who they thought was the best],” debate captain and senior Zach Maghirang said.

Maghirang and senior Speech Captain Noland Moore had no idea that their teacher was even nominated.

Sherry had no idea she was nominated for this honor.

“She did not realize until the presenter started describing the winner.  Sherry said, ‘that’s me’ after hearing the description,” Maghirang said.

Sherry’s ability to tab for local tournaments was one of the main qualifications that led her to receive this award.

“Tabbing is running the tournament and Mrs. Sherry is [one of the few people] that knows how to run the program efficiently in the state,” Moore said.

This along with leading a very successful team has earned Sherry notoriety and respect within the state, according to Moore.

Maghirang and Turner described their reaction to hearing Sherry had won Debate Coach of the Year.

“I sure hoped [Mrs. Sherry would win] but I was originally stumped when they started describing the recipient [at the tournament].  I was not surprised she won because of her amazing contributions to debate as a whole,” Maghirang said.

Senior Public Relations Coordinator Elliott Turner was also very excited to hear Sherry was Debate Coach of the Year.

“I was incredibly proud that my coach was getting such an honored award and I felt she truly deserved it,” Turner said.

Sherry is a very encouraging individual, according to Maghirang, Moore and Turner, who say they were all excited for her to be honored.

“Mrs. Sherry, before every round, tells us to ‘speak well and say good things,’” Turner said.

Moore also commented on Sherry’s words of encouragement.

“She also says ‘winners win.’  She is a winner, so she won,” Moore said.