Berryman Brings Her Knowledge to Viking Family

Bailee Doman, Staff

Like many high school students, school was not easy for new AVID counselor Nicole Berryman when she was a student at Sumner High School.
“[School] was hard. I was told I probably would not [graduate] but I did,” Berryman said.
She remembers her time spent in 4-H, a youth development program and how that inspired her decision to be become a school counselor.
“I really enjoy helping young people learn about all the decisions they can make in life,” Berryman said.
Berryman addresses her work volunteering. She decided to come back to 4-H as an adult chaperone and someone asked if she had ever considered counseling as a career.
“I researched [counseling] and decided it would be a good career for me because I would get to work with youth,” Berryman said.
She says she is eager to help prepare students for their future goals and aspirations.
“I am glad I got high school students because I think that high school students are making big life decisions,” Berryman said. “It is fun to help steer them in the right direction and help them come to a conclusion that best fits them.”