Sanchez Uses Experiences to Guide Students

New counselor Michael Sanchez is in charge of students with the last name S-Z. He tells why he chose to counsel high school.

“High school is the place where you learn how to be an adult through relationships and developing with different types of students. I felt like this was the place where I could make the best impact with students,” Sanchez said. “I relate better to high school kids than I do elementary kids or middle school kids. PHS is pretty cool and there are a lot of really awesome students and teachers here so I am excited to be here.”

Sanchez says he dropped out of high school his sophomore year but had a teacher that had an impact on his life choices.

“He was very kind and thoughtful to me when I got back to school and he encouraged me to leave New York. That relationship kind of helped me to say that I wanted to help other kids that were like me that made those kinds of bad decisions,” Sanchez said.


Basic Bio

College: Evangel University, Missouri State University

Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, Keyboard, Hiking and Hanging out with his two children

Years Counseling: Four years

Other Schools: Lebanon High School and Willard High School in Missouri