Enthusiastic New Para- Educator Joins Us

Connie Hamann is an enthusiastic para-educator that is new to PHS this year. She has been a para-educator for various elementary and junior high schools for 20 years.

Hamann has a few things that she looks forward to doing this school year and given her personality, she will accomplish them without any trouble.

“You know, getting to know more of the students, especially the students that I work with. The ways of Puyallup High School,” Hamann said.

Hamann feels that this will be a great year based off of the way that she has been received.

“I want to say that the staff and the students and everyone here is welcoming and warm. There is warmth on everyone here. I love coming to work here every day,” Hamann said.

Hamann loves the way that everyone is so nice and courteous and the way that it feels like home for her.

“Michelle [Ayers] was in the office holding my [school] keys. Everyone is so organized. I am glad that I came here.  I cannot believe that I did not come here sooner,” Hamann said.

College: Tacoma Community College

Other Schools: Ferruci Jr. High,

Years as Staff: 20