Humans of Puyallup


Credit: Katie Seiberlich

“What’s most important to me is to have a purpose and to be working towards something. A life with no goals is no life at all. I don’t know what exactly my goals are, except that they’re big. I don’t want to be one of those people who look back and miss the times when they were happy,” Ivan Luckman said,

Jocelyn Borovich
“Once upon a time I was born and I cried, then I grew up and became me. I’m pretty great,” Isabella Sikoff said.
Aly McGinness
” I want to make a difference wherever I am. I want to be remembered,” Michael Sprute said.
“I would be a bird because I can just like fly and observe the world from above. And you would never know if you would see me again. I don’t know I’m not that interesting. I just want to be free, you know? Birds are free to go where they want and there’s no pressure from society,” Allison Binkley said.
Amanda Cohen
“When I was younger I had speech delay so I learned some then. Amd I want to work with special needs kids when I grow up, so I thought ASL would be perfect. Plus, I can’t pronounce some words in English, so how could I speak another language,” Allyson Wood said.
Giselle Corpus
“It’s an amazing experience. I love being on the court and being able to play along with my friends competitively. As well as being coached by Ally Clements,” Casali Ramos said.
Dean Prak
“I’m different, I like a lot of interactive activities and learning new things such as languages also I’m more about cars. I’d like to attend a four year college. I have lots of friends and I enjoy being a social person,” Justin Fowler said.
Emily Van Bergyk
“Who inspires me? My mom. She’s a single mom. It’s nice to see her determination. She’s the one who allows me to be here, and I appreciate that,” Neilson Reyes said.
Kailani Dineros
“[Puyallup’s] big enough to where you don’t know everybody’s name, but it’s small enough to where you see the same people throughout your life,” Michaela Olson said.
Gracie Lucas
“I’ve met most of my closest friends through volleyball and I learned how to be a team player. It also motivated me to work hard and persevere,” Kendahl Sugai said.
Alyssa Dela Rosa
“The most annoying thing I find in people is the tendency to lie. I hate liars. It’s literally the most annoying thing,” Olivia Davis said.