New security guard comes to PHS

Keionna Newton, Staff

From working in security on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, to the Washington Youth Academy, Larry Juitt is the new security guard at PHS who is taking the place of former security personnel Greg Royal.

“I worked as a security guard at an alternative school, the Washington Youth Academy in Bremerton, Washington from 2009 to 2010. With my background being rooted in security, I was basically working in the U.S. Army for 21 years,” Juitt said.

Aside from 21 years of military experience, Juitt also possesses an academic background rooted in security-related work.

“I majored in criminal justice, which includes law enforcement, corrections and security at the University of Phoenix. I wanted to work in security because I like working with people. As a security guard, you meet new people on a daily basis,” Juitt said.

However, Juitt reveals that working in the field of security does come with its own difficulties that require a fair amount of patience to overcome.

“The difficult part of my job is that sometimes we [security personnel and administration] can get lost in the communication process. Also, establishing a rapport with people and having them actually trust your judgment can sometimes be difficult,” Juitt said.

According to Juitt, working in security requires complete devotion to the safety of the student body.

“My main duty is safety and security of the student staff. I think that is really important and I am dedicated to that. Especially since safety has been such a hot topic recently,” Juitt said.

Though being a security guard may not always be easy, Juitt reveals that being a part of the security personnel is more gratifying than it is difficult.

“The most rewarding part of being in security is working with people, whether they are young or old. I enjoy being able to assist people in the best way that I can and hopefully make a difference in their life at least on that day and for every day that I am here,” Juitt said.

Overall, Juitt says he looks forward to being a part of PHS for years to come.

“I really like PHS.  My wife is a former graduate of PHS so I felt that I had a connection here. I am proud to be here. I am proud to be a member of the Viking family team and I hope to be here to contribute to the learning environment for a long time,” Juitt said.