Students Dressed for Spirit Week

The week of Oct. 24 to 28 was Spirit Week at PHS.

Monday, Oct. 24 was “Picture Day vs. PJ Day – Dress Up or Down;” Tuesday, Oct. 25 was “White Lies;” Wednesday, Oct. 26 was “Pink Out;” Thursday, Oct. 27 was “Baby vs. Boomer” and Friday, Oct. 28 was “Trick or Treat! Costume Day.”

Junior Phoenix Staggs wore a shirt with “Everyone is not a STALKER” taped to the front for “White Lies” day.

“It’s a little like a joke and then you have to read the back,” Staggs said.

Junior Mackenzie Faulkner also dressed up for spirit week with a shirt that says, “I’m not sarcastic.” She says she struggled to think of a white lie, so a friend suggested her shirt.

Left to right: Juniors Mackenzie Faulkner and Phoenix Staggs wear shirts that read “I’m not sarcastic” and “Everyone is not a STALKER.”

For “White Lies” day, junior Lily Davies wrote her white lie on a name tag.

“I always typically have some type of caffeine in my hands so I figured it would be good to include,” Davies said. Her name tag reads “I’m NOT obsessed with Caffeine.”

Junior Lily Davies wears a name-tag that says, “I’m not obsessed with caffeine.”

Junior Uyen Le wore a shirt with “I’LL BE THERE ON TIME!” written on the front, saying, “It’s better to arrive late than never.”

Junior Uyen Le wears a shirt that says, “I’LL BE THERE ON TIME!”

Junior Chloe Allison’s shirt says, “I heart my boyfriend.” Allison explained it to her boyfriend, who goes to another school.

Math teachers Mandy Ryan and Rachal Peart share a YouTube channel called “Algebra’s Angels.” Ryan made the shirts, saying “[Peart’s] height’s so much taller than mine.” Ryan’s shirt reads “In Algebra’s Angels… I’m the taller one” while Peart’s says “In Algebra’s Angels… I’m the shorter one.”

Sophomores Maren Santiago and Isa Jager and Julia Taniguchi wore pink to show support for those with breast cancer, Oct. 26, “Pink Out”.   

Left to right: Junior Maren Santiago, junior Isa Jager and Julia Taniguchi wore pink to support those with breast cancer, Oct. 26.

For “Baby Vs. Boomer” day Oct. 27, sophomores Nellie Davidson and Boston Thompson role-played an old married couple, dueling in slow-motion during first lunch. Thompson said, in character, “My knees have not fully recovered; I can no longer roller skate. We were married for 50 years and then broke up.” Davidson’s character was born in the Great Depression and “is very old”.

Left to right: Sophomores Nellie Davidson and Boston Thompson dress up for “Baby vs. Boomer day” with clothes in the style of stereotypical Baby Boomers, Oct. 27.

Friday, Oct. 28 was “Trick or Treat! Costume Day.” Senior Lainey McCarl (left) dressed as Patrick Star from “SpongeBob.” Senior Jenny Nguyen (right) wore a mushroom costume.

“I’m dressed as a mushroom. And I thought it was cute because I just draw mushrooms on all of my assignments,” Nguyen said.

Senior Diana Mendez (middle) said, “I’m wearing a fit inspired by Princess Diana. Basically, I recreated one of her outfits because I am obsessed.”

Left to right: Seniors Lainey McCarl and Jenny Nguyen dress up as Patrick from Spongebob and a red mushroom, respectively. Center: Senior Diana Mendez wears clothing inspired by Princess Diana, Oct. 28.