March Gladness encourages giving

Tia Luthy, Reporter

March Gladness is a district-wide event that happens every year from January until March where students from all over the district serve their community through various fundraisers and activities.

“This year, all 32 schools in our district participated in March Gladness. Each school comes up with and plans their own ways to contribute to our community,” senior Autumn Fenz said.

Leadership organized the food drive, Special Olympics and a school-wide pack the gym event. Smaller groups of students omit also visit the elementary and junior high schools to help them and volunteer at their fundraisers.

“We did the Special Olympics this year, which is a huge event. I love to organize a Special Olympics event because I feel that it brings our community together,” Fenz said.

The whole leadership class would like to encourage students to try and give back to their community in any way.

“Giving back to your community in any possible way gives you something to accomplish and you can be passionate about it at the same time,” senior CJ Kraft said.

If students are interested in participating in March Gladness next year there are links online that show students how to get involved. Leadership teacher Jamie Mooring and Assistant Principal Charmaine Krause can also answer any questions that students might have.

Students can also talk to leadership students to learn different ways to give back to the community.

“Visit the district website and there should be links to the March Gladness website. You can post activities and event ideas on that website. I am also here for any student that has questions,” Krause said.

March Gladness has grown and become more recognized throughout the years. New community service events have started and more schools are starting to participate.

The leadership class would like March Gladness to continue to be a district-wide event and to have every school be a part of it each year.

“Our community has become more aware of March Gladness and what it is. Schools continue to serve in new and creative ways. Giving back is what we are all about,” Krause said.