Band Breaks Membership Records

With over 10 percent of the student body involved in the band program (167 students spread over five classes), band teacher Eric Ryan could not be more excited.
“It is awesome that it has grown so much so that it has become a full time job with five different band classes,” Ryan said.
With so many people, classes are packed but according to junior Simone Stapley there is nothing to worry about.
“Band is a big family and I think it is really inviting,” Stapley said.
The band also got some new uniforms, courtesy of the district from last year although they had to purchase a few more to accommodate the growing numbers this year, showing them off at the Rodeo Parade, Sept. 11.
“The day was hectic and a lot of things had to get done but I think that it flowed together pretty well,” junior Jagger Bolam said.
The day of the actual performance was hot and hectic and they still marched as a unified group.
“Our first performance was a success and it seemed busy but a good type of busy,” Bolam said. “We only had about three days to prepare so it was kind of messy at first but by the second half we got really good and we got on the same page and came together in the end.”
Both Stapley and Bolam only had good things to say about band and thought the big class sizes work well.
“It gives us more opportunity to talk to each other and figure things out together. I think it makes learning easier because I get to work with my band mates and figure things out and get on the same page,” Bolam said.
With all the new kids joining band, classes are full.
“I think it just shows that band is the place to be, that that many people want to to be a part of something like this,” Ryan said.
Stapley encourages anyone still on the fence about joining band to just do it.
“I would say go for it, keep doing band. It is so different here. We practice as separate bands but we are all one band, we are all one PHS,” Stapley said.