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Students, Staff Provide Collegiate Perspective

As students enter February, it’s one month closer to graduation. But there is uncertainty about what future college brings to students and whether it suits the goals that they set for themselves.  

History teacher and parent Mychal Limric has much to say on the topic of college applications. 

With so many options to choose from, Limric said that college isn’t for everyone. 

“There’s nothing wrong with not going to college,” Limric said. “Some people in schools say you got to go to college, and that puts some weird pressure on people.”  

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  Limric says that students need to ask themselves what their purpose will be as a major factor in what college they choose to apply to. 

“So, when we’re in high school, starting in ninth grade, ask yourself what are you interested in? What do you want to do? It doesn’t mean you have to choose your profession, but it gives you a place to start,” Limric said. 

When considering risks about college, Limric stated that money is a big risk when it comes to considering college. 

“I also think it’s not selling yourself and waiting too long on the process. So, students that start the process in November or in December, that’s fine. But then you’re limiting where you get to go,” Limric said. 

With so many applicants to choose from, colleges have a lot to consider when deciding who to approve and who to deny. Limric said that contributing to the community is an effective way to look more attractive to colleges. 

“Whether it’s academics, or whether it’s the actual community. They’re looking for students that are well rounded,” Limric said. “You just have to do a few things, to show a general interest and show that you’re not just someone who shows up, does your schoolwork, and then goes home because college is so much more than that.”  

In comparison to back when Limric applied to college, he said that it is a lot harder to get into college now. 

“The expectations going to high school are so much higher because grades are higher. It’s more competitive because we live in a world where we’re competing with the rest of the world and rightfully so. Students need to know how to put their best foot forward,” Limric said. 

Within all the stress and uncertainty to the future of what students want to do, Limric says that you should start researching and talking to adults now. 

“Get organized in the spring and early summer. Every piece of information is on your computer and it’s usually in Schoology, but you have to look for it,” Limric said. 

Choir director and a recent college graduate, Ethan Moon says that college is a broad term that covers many different interests. Moon says, though, that college is what you make out of it. 

“I spent a lot of time with other musicians and music teachers. I had a lot of fun working with people who are like minded, we’re all trying to strive for the same goal,” Moon said. 

Due to the pressure of wanting to be successful in life, many students worry about getting into the most prestigious school possible. Moon says that isn’t always the most important part. 

“Making sure that you’re going to a school that not necessarily is the most prestigious school, but a place where you’re going to be able to be able to succeed,” Moon said. 

Moon says that college isn’t the place for everyone depending on what they plan to do after high school. 

“However, if you’re wanting to go into something like business or in the medical field, college is definitely where you want to end up because that’s going to give you the best resources that you need to be successful,” Moon said. 

With all the stresses that comes with applying to college, many students are wondering what colleges look for in students when they apply to them. Moon says that there are a lot of factors that play into it beyond success in academics. 

“It’s also how involved you are in extracurriculars and other school related events. And showing that you can contribute to the campus community in some sort of meaningful way,” Moon said. 

Moon said students applying to college should try to not procrastinate on starting the process. 

“The longer you wait to apply, the less money that schools have to distribute. If you apply earlier, there is a greater chance that you can get into the school that you want, and to have less financial burden alongside it,” Moon said. 

Senior choir student Ava Atkinson is one of the many students who are going to college after high school. 

With so many options to choose from, some students wonder why they should choose college over other options such as trade school or the military. To Atkinson, it’s the best path towards her goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. 

“The career path I want to go down that requires college education. I just felt like going to community college after high school would be a cheaper and easier choice for me,” Atkinson said. 

A parent’s influence can play a huge part in what a student decides to do after high school. Atkinson says her parents positively influenced her decision to go to college. 

“They’ve given me a lot of unconditional support. I’ve had a few different options that I’ve thought about in the past and they’ve always helped me figure out what I think would be best for myself. And helping me figure out the best way to reach my goals,” Atkinson said. 

With the jump towards college, Atkinson is looking forward to seeing new people. 

“I’m excited to see how different it is from high school and to be in a new environment with new people,” Atkinson said. 

With excitement for college, there are also some worries that Atkinson has about college. 

“’I’m worried about the difficulty of the courses because it’s more independent, which I’ve also looked at before, but I have struggled with homework in the past,” Atkinson said. 

The college application process for Atkinson was stressful. 

“I kind of put things off. So, I kind of waited until the last minute for a few colleges,” Atkinson said. 

Atkinson said that a significant risk about college is the financial commitment towards it. 

“But I’ve been looking into scholarships and financial aid, and I feel okay about it,” Atkinson said. 

When looking into applying to colleges, Atkinson said that staying close to her family is especially important. 

“Not something too expensive. Definitely not a private college since they’re harder to get into,” Atkinson said. 

Many juniors are nervous and not sure where to start. Atkinson says juniors should start to look for scholarships right now. 

“Start trying to figure out what colleges are offering programs that you’re looking for to make it easier and less stressful next year,” Atkinson said. 


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