Daffodil Princess Crowned


Haley Keizur, Chief


On Wednesday, Oct. 11, Micaela Nomakchteinsky was taken from a simple court member, to a royal princess. Along with eight other girls, she competed for the title of Puyallup’s 2018 Daffodil Princess. This included completing a pre-show interview, reciting a speech on her take on this year’s Daffodil theme “Traditions in Bloom,” and answering an impromptu question relating to the Daffodil tradition.

Daffodil Selection is not a one-night event, Nomakchteinsky explains. Hours of preparation go into the actual show.

“Throughout the month of September, the PHS Daffodil Court spent two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays practicing impromptu questions, memorizing speeches, [learning] how to form a resume and how to hold conversations with strangers, interviewing skills, stage presence and many more life skills. The day before the show we had a six-hour dress rehearsal. With the help of Lisa, Jane, Cheryl and many others who dedicated their time to the PHS Royal Court, all the ladies were prepared and outstanding on selection day,” Nomakchteinsky said.

Despite all the long hours and hard work, it was worth it, she says.

“When Macy announced my name as the princess I was flooded with a million emotions all at once. I was happy that all my hard work and hours of practice came down to this moment. I was thankful for all the ladies that were by my side throughout the whole process. I was excited that I would get to continue with Daffodil as a princess,” Nomakchteinsky said.

Getting selected as Princess is only the first step in her Daffodil journey. Nomakchteinsky will go on to complete hours of service along with the Princesses from other local high schools and will eventually compete for Daffodil Queen.

“As a princess, I am looking forward to the many relationships I will get to build with members in and outside of the Puyallup Community through community service,” Nomakchteinsky said.

Each person involved in Daffodil brings something different to the community. As a Daffodil Princess, Nomakchteinsky believes you should be true and real to yourself.

“We all share many different backgrounds, cultures, values and experience that could benefit the community as a whole. We just have to be willing to share them with others and be ourselves,” she said.

Nomakchteinsky encourages everyone to grab onto chances and opportunities, just like she did with Daffodil.

“If you want to be a princess, go for it, do not let anything or anyone stop you. We are given many opportunities in life, all we have to do is take them and give 100 percent effort and dedication,” she said.

Reflecting back on the experience, Nomakchteinsky would like to recognize the people that helped get her where she is.

“I would like to thank all the royal court members: Colby, Astrid, Katie, Sidney, Paris, Sarah, Sophia and Alexis, as well as anybody who gave me words of encouragement when I got nervous. I would like to also thank my family for all the love and support. And thank you to Matt Slevin for being my escort and believing in me from day one of rehearsal,” Nomakchteinsky said.