Colleges offer perspective at Future Fair

Ben Schumock, Staff

Mia Robbins
Angelina Smith, regional recruiter from Prescott College presents her school flag to students. The Future Fair is an opportunity for students to learn about different opportunities after high school. “We want students to have the knowledge that a college education does not have to be what you think it is. It doesn’t have to be drudgery and attending lecture halls, it can be really fun,” Smith said.
Mia Robbins
Brittney Mailhot is a regional admissions counselor from Central Washington University. Her school is looking for motivated students with a good transcript and test scores. “We look for a good, well-rounded student,” Mailhot said.

At the Future Fair April 4, several college representatives had a lot to say about their college.
PLU commented on their local ties to Puyallup and Pierce County. One unique aspect to their school is their global education.

“We are the only school in the U.S to have students and professors in all seven continents,” Julian Franco said. 
The Senior Regional Enrollments Counselor, Sydney Montgomery spoke about the unique attributes at Boise State University in Idaho.

“We have a blue field; it is unlike any school in the country,” Montgomery said.

One school making an appearance at the Future Fair this year surprised many students. 
The University of Alabama was the school that traveled the greatest distance to attend. Alabama has a metallurgical engineering program, only five other school have this program in the country. Also Alabama has about 38,000 students but representatives say they keep the classes relatively small as each classes has a average of 24 students per class.