Annual Veteran’s Day Assembly

Sydney Carey, staff

The Veteran Assembly to honor and remember veterans was held Nov. 6 in the auditorium.

The assembly was produced by Vice Principal Lisa Rowan and Spanish teacher Jason Gregory with help from the ASL club, orchestra and choir. 

Rowan was one of the people in charge of the assembly’s content. Rowan tried to make a conscious goal of making sure to include more community members and outreach to veterans in the community to attend the assembly. 

“This year we asked community members or staff members or students to share if they have someone that they wanted to honor. I created a powerpoint and put them in the powerpoint or i printed out pictures and put them up the stairs, giving out invitations both in communication to their district office and to families to the community. I think that was an area that we could of done better is having more community members,” said Rowan

Rowan felt as though they could have done more outreach and will continue in the next few years to involve the school and community. She mentioned how involving clubs was a way of doing that helped get students more involved. Another way Rowan and Gregory worked together was picking out a local speaker with experience to resonate to the students and staff.

“Gregory’s job was to find the speaker and so I think he was like oh well we know we’ve had Lieutenant Colonel Taylor here before so maybe I could ask him to come again, he had information that connected through the community,” said Rowan

The information he had about the Rogers memorial as well as the Chapman trail was new to her and other staff and felt the speaker did a great with talking about information that connected to the community. She spoke about how well the last assembly went and what feedback she got through Puyallup and what she plans on making it better.

“I had good feedback from staff and members, I mean that doesn’t mean everybody enjoyed it. I wanted to add the student component this year, and so for me that was important, I hope that was a piece that students enjoyed and staff enjoy,” Rowan said.