New graduation system replaces WOIS, streamlines High School and Beyond plan

The district announced, through a Homeroom lesson June 2, that the current college and career readiness software (WOIS) would shift to the Xello platform where students will be not only exploring options for post-high school but also preparing their High School and Beyond plan, which is a graduation requirement.  

Career Specialist Shelley Jellison has helped students with this graduation requirement for the past 17 years. She says the new platform has an added perk because it is all online. 

“It is a digital platform where students can start in junior high and it will follow them to the high school, even if they leave our school or district their information can follow them,” Jellison said.  

In the past, the High School and Beyond Plan, along with the other graduation requirements, like the resume and Community Experience requirement, were all stand-alone documents submitted separately. The new program merges them into one. Students began the process in WOIS as well as through district documentation for their Community Service as well as their resume. The new system through Xello collects this information all in one spot.  

“All High School and Beyond Plan information that students start in junior high will follow them to the high school so they won’t have to continually update a form; they will just add to it,” Jellison said. “[When they get to ] their senior year, their High School and Beyond plan will just get checked off in Xello.”  

Students set up their new Xello accounts during the Homeroom lesson and will begin working in the platform in the fall. Students can sign into Xello directly through their Clever portal, eliminating the need for another login and password.  

“We have made this change to be in compliance with [Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction] requirements of a digital platform that begins this work in the junior high,” Jellison said.