Behind the Scenes of Training with the Dance Team


Dance team coach Ariana Schultz says this year’s squad will compete in four local competitions this year.  

Their first competition will be at Tahoma High School Jan. 22. It will be their first competition since February, 2020.  

With competition season arising, Shultz explains that a typical practice usually involves dancers warming up and stretching.  

 “After they get done with this process, we move into technique practice,” Schultz said. “We do ballet training everyday followed by more technical training of whatever skills we are focusing on that week. Now that we are moving into competition season, we will also be teaching more of a routine every practice as well after we finish our technical training.”  

With more than 20 years of experience each, Schultz describes how she and her assistant create routines.  

Usually, we start with creating a mix of songs and then use moments from the music that we know we want to utilize certain skills at and work from there,” Schultz said. “Once we teach the choreography to the team, we usually make some changes to make sure that it highlights the team in the best way possible to show their strengths.”  

Schultz has been the PHS coach for six years and says she likes coaching the team.  

“I am passionate about dance and giving students somewhere to express themselves in a meaningful way,” Schultz said. 

Each year one of Shultz’s favorite things to see, she says, is the growth of all team members from the beginning of the season to the end. 

“I also enjoy getting to see the way each team bonds and encourages each other throughout the season and how much a family unit it truly becomes by the time the season ends,” Shultz said. 

Along with their competition coming this February, the team just debuted for the year in the annual Puyallup Santa Parade this Dec. 4. [picture above]