Club Goal to Affect Environment

Milana Sharipova, Staff Member

Students looking for ways to get involved at school may want to consider joining the Gardening Club, which meets in room 223, every first and third Wednesday of the month for one hour after school. 

Senior Anahad Judge is the president of Gardening Club and says that it is a good connection for students to get into things they may like.  

“Our club is like other clubs because it reflects the student body’s interests and talents,” Judge said. 

Judge says the club wants to affect change at school, but in a way that people can see. 

 “What makes our club different is that we want to change the school environmentally. We are focusing on rebuilding our school with better plants – basically establishing a garden at our very school, though still maintaining the interest and comfort for students that wish to grow indoor gardens,” Judge said. 

Judge says that gardening is the process of trimming, growing and taking care of a garden, but there is even more to it than that.  

“Most people think that when you plant anything you can just leave it to grow, water it a few 

times and that’s it,” Judge said. “It’s more than that and the club will teach students about it. Most skills such as trimming, pruning, planting, watering and tending are not a simple process and require a lot of responsibility and time. Our club will provide for these experiences.” 

Judge says as president she tries her best to understand all the members opinions and ideas for the club, and support everyone the best she can. Being a leader in the club, Judge says she feels it is important for members to have an equal share of ideas.  

“I happen to feel, as president, I should be a good leader to everyone and have them be equal in treatment. Everyone in the club has ideas, and wishes to do something, it’s my job to answer their ideas, questions, and demands. It’s hard accomplishing that, but I have nice club presidents and friends to help me out,” Judge said.