Club Members Bond Over Fashion

Milana Sharipova, Staff Member

If you have a love for clothes, consider joining the Fashion Club, which meets in room 223 every Tuesday for one hour after school. 

Senior Emily Cady is the Fashion Club president and says that because they are a small group, they have grown closer as friends. 

“What’s different about Fashion Club is since we’re a very small group, we are close friends. I feel like most friendships are born out of sharing favorite T.V. shows or artists, but we bonded over our love for fashion, and that’s how I discovered fashion club in my sophomore year,” Cady said. 

Cady says that the club has been designing their own clothes. 

“We recently have been designing our own clothes based on a theme that I pick randomly. We also watch runway shows and red carpets then share our opinions on the clothing.  The opinions] tend to get very honest,” Cady said. 

Cady says she feels the art in fashion is its way of self-expression. 

“I also feel like there are no rules (even if people say there are). I don’t think anyone told Van Gogh that he was painting wrong. Additionally, some people might get offended by this, but fashion isn’t based on price tags. Don’t feel you need expensive and trendy clothing,” Cady said.