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Catfight: I love cats

A plague has swept across this great nation.

Not the usual diabolical, physical sickness that infects man, woman and child—something much worse: cat hatred.

Cunning, curious, comical, caring and charming—cats provide instantaneous and long-lasting companionship. Since the dawn of man cats have been adored and even worshipped.

It seems that as of late it has become some sort of obscure trend to detest cats. I do not understand how someone can claim to hate such wonderful creatures.

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Let us be honest here. There is no possible way you can look into the eyes of the average kitten and say “ugly.” Unless there is some veil of seething intolerance over your eyes—kittens are generally very charming. As they grow into adult felines it is true that they lose some of that beloved charm. But it’s like when a child grows; toddlers or babies are usually considered cute (for reasons unknown to me). As that child grows they can still be attractive, just not in that cute “little tyke” way. The same goes for adult cats, they aren’t quite as adorable as adults but they are more elegant, sensual and mature.

One of the biggest plus sides of having a cat is that they don’t drool everywhere. How a person can stand having a [insert drooling animal here] lick their arms and face all the time is beyond me.

When I get home from school after a long day of Patrick-life I want to be greeted by my pet with a, “Hope you had a good day. I’ll be over here if you have time,” not what the common drooling dog would come up with, “Uhhh… HI! Uh… I don’t care if you just want to go straight to homework! Uh…. I’m just going to jump on you, bark incisively, and get my sticky saliva ALL OVER YOU!”

Also, most arguments are invalid. People will say, “I don’t like cats, because one scratched me this one time” and then they will go and pet their 11 million pound beast-dog. Unlike cats, dogs have the capability to rip someone’s face off, seems legit.

If you think about it, I’m sure parents could agree, high school students are looking for independence and acceptance. In general, we are on our way to adulthood—we expect to be treated like young adults and want our space. But being fresh out of childhood we, along with almost everyone, can use some comfort every once in a while. Cats are perfect for this. Felines are known for being both independent and outgoing. They’ll give you the space when you want it or if you are looking for a little pet love—you got it. If you put some thought in this; cats really aren’t too different than teenagers. We don’t always come to our beck and call; we love to have freedom and independence and cats respect that. Unlike some of our well-known pets, cats do not insist on being the center of every situation.

Hate is a strong word.  If you feel “hatred” in your heart towards our feline friends, ask yourself if you hate the animals because you truly dislike them or because you see your friends hating on them. Ask yourself whether your justification is just; ask if it is cause enough to use such a term. Is it really hate you feel in your heart towards the gentle feline?

Maybe it is just general distaste.

Plus it’s very uncommon for a cat to bark like its being killed when someone knocks on the door, which is a plus.

Cats are about the perfect pet; with their independent but loving personality, adorable physique and calm persona. I cannot see how someone can hate such a perfect animal.


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