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Infatuation sparks opinions

As teenagers we mix up our emotions quite a bit.

Love, lust and infatuation are emotions that we can’t control and seem to cross with each other in so many ways. Despite what they have in common, these feelings have all too many differences.

As high school students, we see romance around us every day whether people believe they are truly in love or they just want to spend time with someone.

How much of this so called true love can possibly be true?

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As adolescents becoming our future adult selves can we truly be in love at such a young and immature age?

The word love gets passed around all too often. There are not many couples in high school that are so true in love that they could last forever.

We do not know what we feel; our hormones are so crazy at this vulnerable age that we could be made to believe anything.

The words love and lust seem to have faded together. People say they love each other like it is nothing, due to our young pubescent state; we are inclined towards a sexual bias. Most teenagers are just trying to get laid.

Sex has become to much a part of high school relationships. It seems much more common for sex to be a driving attraction for high school students and slowly it seems like sex is changing how students feel about love.

However there are many relationships that exist without sex, people who seem to be in love without sex being the main pull, it seems like lust should have nothing to do with it and you feel purely in love.

I know I have had that feeling, knowing in your heart that this one person is the only one for you. You can’t stand not to be around them, everything feels right and you know that you are in true love.

But that goes away.

This love you once had eventually goes away, even if it was there for years.

However, there are relationships that continue after high school and people can end up being with their high school sweetheart until the day they die.

Here is where it begins, where you find that person and want to try things and if they go right, you start a great journey where you can continue after high school to make that love strong and turn it into something real.

You need more than just these three years to make that true love.

In high school, we are able to experiment and try things with people we are attracted to, people we are infatuated with, but not people we are in love with. You can have a lot of fun and be in a fantastic relationship with the most fantastic person, but until you can start on that long journey, I don’t think anyone is actually in love.

I think relationships in high school are a beautiful thing. People can have fun and find that special someone that makes them truly happy. I just think people should be careful with their feelings before they decide they have found their only true love.

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