My First Job

Andi Wiegand, Staff

My entire life I have known it was inevitable that the day would come where I would have to get a job. 

Trust me, I didn’t wait with baited breath. 

            Anticipating getting a job and applying was no fun. I expected no one to respond to my inquiries. The first time around with applications, that was true. I got rejection after rejection or just never heard back

            A few months later, I turned 16 and applied for more jobs the next day. This time I only applied at three places. I applied at two separate Starbucks locations and at Cold Stone. I didn’t expect a response and didn’t hold my breath.

            A couple days later I was sitting in my local Starbucks and I was surprised when my phone chimed. It was the end of summer and my friends were all on vacation or starting training for the upcoming sport season. I had no life, so I was doing neither. And because of this, I never got any messages.

            It was from a number I didn’t recognize so I ignored it for a moment, but curiosity got the better of me. I’m so happy it did though.

            I opened the message and my heart started racing, a smile grew on my face instantly. It was from the owner at the Puyallup Cold Stone and they wanted me to come in for an interview. I immediately responded and we set a date and time.

            I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first ever job interview. I knew I probably wouldn’t get the job, I mean, who ever gets the first job they interview for? However, it would be a learning experience. Plus, maybe I would get the job. You never know.

            I had only been to this Cold Stone once before and that was months prior. It was busy, but that was to be expected for a hot summer day. There was one girl working, which was surprising since it was so busy. I stood in line for about ten minutes, my mind coming up with every little thing that could go wrong. I noticed two other people, about my age. It was a guy and a girl. I wondered if they were here for the same reason. I instantly disliked them, they were my competition.

            I got up to the counter, the girl smiled brightly at me, asking what she could get me. It was awkward, since I didn’t want ice cream.

            Almost incoherently, I mumbled “Yeah, I’m here for a job interview with the owner?”. The girl’s face lit up. I noticed her name tag: Allie.

            “Oh yeah of course, she isn’t here right now but she will be in soon. Why don’t you just wait over there?” she said. She pointed towards the tables in the corner. I nodded and thanked her, heading off in the direction of the tables, the two other people following me.

            We sat in awkward silence for about ten minutes. We all looked up whenever the door opened. Almost every time we were disappointed.

            While we waited, I watched Allie make everyone’s ice cream, listening intently to her words. I was drowning in self-doubt. How would I remember all the ice cream creations? I would totally mess up everyone’s orders. I would never be as good as this girl. The other people would probably be amazing. The owner will definitely hire them.

            My thoughts were interrupted when a woman walked in. Allie perked up, gesturing over to us. We all straightened up when we realized this might be our future boss.

            The interview wasn’t the scary part, though.

            Training was scheduled for a few days later. Miraculously, I got the job. Ashley and Austin, the other two people, got hired with me.

            Our boss was there when we showed up a few days later. We clocked in for the first time, a big moment for me. Then, we got to work. Well, I don’t really consider what we did work. We sat in the office for three hours watching videos then were given free ice cream. We were introduced to one of my other coworkers, a guy named Jaedon. Pretty good day.

            My first shift was about a week later. It was an opening shift with Jaedon and I was nervous to say the least. I got up early, barely sleeping the night before. I got on the uniform and headed off towards work. My heart was racing the entire time. When the store came into view, I was sure I was going to fail. I was sure that everyone would see past my façade, see the disaster I truly am. No one would like me and I would be fired within a month.

            I stopped short before entering the store. I couldn’t let the fears and doubts destroy this opportunity for me. I was going to succeed. I wasn’t going to give up now. I shoved down the doubts deep within me and entered the store with a smile on my face.

            My first shift wasn’t too bad, I spent the day kind of learning the ropes and learning how to make ice cream and cakes. Of course I had to mess up and spill ice cream, even though to this day I still stick with the story that he was the one that actually spilled the ice cream mix. Jaedon doesn’t agree.

            Within the next few weeks I got the hang of things and began to get more and more comfortable at work. I quickly memorized the signature creations, not without asking some of the shift leads how to make them every single time someone ordered it though. Yeah, that was embarrassing. It was probably annoying for them too.

            I guess the main reason I ended up loving the job so much was because of my coworkers. Ashley and I got close really quick. Now, she is easily one of my best friends and I call her all the time. I think she purposefully denies my calls sometimes. Despite viewing her as competition at first, we became friends quickly and I constantly look forward to my shifts with her.

Even Austin and I ended up becoming friends. He is very stubborn sometimes but overall I would say he is a pretty cool guy, even when we end up bickering with each other the entire night. Plus, he can be funny sometimes.

            Allie ended up being a really great help in my training. She is so sweet and always tells me I’m the mini her. She has been around on and off for about three years and has taught me so much, and I always have fun working with her because we both have the same interests. We could talk about books and stories we have written for hours and we have before.

            Joey, one of the other shift leads, is pretty fun as well. He also pushes me to be the best worker I can be. I have learned a lot from Joey, and I always leave our discussions and the shifts I work with him with new information learned.

            Tom is the sweetest man you will ever meet. He is hilarious and such a kind person. I love working with Tom because he trusts in us and knows that we can take care of things ourselves. He also makes jokes with me and I always seem to be laughing when I’m around him.

            Kelli is kind of the mom to us all. She is extremely sweet and loving and is always there whenever you want to talk. She also lets me take the lead on certain things and is open to teaching me new skills that I can use.

            Jaedon ended up being another one of my close friends. I am always laughing or smiling when I’m working with him. He has taught me so much and I always know I can ask him whenever I’m confused about something and he will always give me a good answer.

Overall, working at Cold Stone has been an amazing experience, mainly thanks to my coworkers. I love going to work every single day knowing I will walk away with a smile on my face. I never thought I would be the person to love my  job, but I guess I am. I have learned so much from the experience as well.   

I have learned that you can never doubt yourself, because the doubts and fears may stop you from doing things that you can benefit from so much. If I had given into my fears I may have walked away on that first shift, or not even shown up. I very well could have called in sick and never gone in again. I’m so happy I didn’t. Getting a job has been so rewarding and has taught me the value of hard work, as well as the value of some very meaningful friendships that I hope to have for a very long time. So please never doubt yourself or give into the fear. Who knows, maybe it will end up being the best thing in your life.