Ways to Express Creativity Underrated

Riley Newell, News Editor

Student creativity is a very underrated concept.  

Many students, like me, live very boring day-to-day lives where we are unmotivated and lacking in many aspects of life. A very important part of living life is finding the things that make it worth living and using your creativity to your advantage is a very important aspect of that. 

When I think of expressing one’s creativity my mind automatically goes to art, whether that be drawing, painting or playing an instrument.  

I am not a particularly artistic person and honestly drawing brings me more stress than it does relief. When I really think about it, I express myself in many other ways. Although it seems weird, I feel one way I do this is through sports.  

I play softball and although this isn’t the traditional way someone would express their creativity, it’s the way I do. Sports use strategic thinking, skills and teamwork while competing. And yes, sports like softball are team sports that require you to work with others, but it’s also about the individual making snap decisions in the moment. I like that this sport is made for failure. When I make a mistake it’s okay; you learn from it, forget it and move on.  

The thing I love most about expressing my creativity is that I don’t have to be good at it to love it. I also like that the idea can be flipped. You shouldn’t force yourself to do something just because you or other people think you’re good at it. The most important thing about expressing yourself is that you’re choosing to do it. 

Another way I express myself is through journaling. A lot of the time I don’t have people to talk to about the serious things going on in my life and when that happens, I feel like there is this big weight on my shoulders and sometimes it slows me down. Journaling is a way that I can get everything I want to say off my chest without having to talk to someone. It’s a way that I can express myself and my feelings and honestly sometimes I learn things about myself that I would not have known otherwise.  

I believe that another good way to express yourself is through photos. I’m not saying that I am an amazing photographer but when I take a meaningful picture and look back at it, it brings me peace. When you look at pictures that someone else took, you not only see their artistic side, but if you pay attention to the subjects they use and places they go, you can learn a lot about a person.  

These are just the main ways I express myself and my creativity. The fun thing about expressing yourself is that there are no real limits. When you are doing this, it should be a choice, not only that but you should be excited about it. In some ways I think that expressing your creativity can help you grow and become a better person, not only for yourself but also for the people around you.