Childhood Memory Presents Grownup Realization

Late afternoon one day, my eight-year-old self was watching television while my mom was sitting beside me.  

My dad came home, sat down next to us and talked to us about the idea of opening up his own mechanic’s shop. His voice resonated with excitement and I could tell, even at my young age, that he really wanted to push with it and achieve it. Through his conversations with us, he spoke about the plans he had been making for a while. As he sat down and talked about making a plan to own his own shop, I knew in my heart he would do absolutely well with this decision.  

As we proceeded to look through shops and trying to find the right spot to make a business out of it, I was extraordinarily proud that he was pushing to make his dream come true. He had a passion that he was putting into this; it was incredible.  I was so happy for him to finally be putting his dreams ahead and be able to make this happen in his life.  

I knew that when he brought that idea up, I knew he would succeed. He is the best mechanic I know, and I knew he would do great things in the business world and being able to open his own business he could do it. With his humor and his hard work, plus his cliental bases, his shop will be awesome.  

My dad is my biggest influence because of what this moment illustrated: how he chose to take the risk and start an amazing business from scratch. He is a mechanic who used to manage a mechanic shop. After he resigned from his previous employer, he used his money and created his own business which is now more than 10 years old. It is because of him that I have learned to focus on what I want to accomplish and to be more determined towards what I want for my future. He showed me what hard work does to accomplish dreams.   

My dad taught me that dreams do come true as long as you stay determined on what it is. I have been able to carry on the values in my daily life by helping create a business with my mom and it has been successful, and I’ve understood how hard a business can be and I’ve learned to grow in many ways with different values. To carry on with hard work and how to stay focused with my future and how to conquer in a world that has you staying focused, confident, and independent in a world of hard work.