The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

Media: More Than News

Credit: Lola Woodburn

Every day, announcements are made.

Every Monday, an episode of VNN is produced and shown in classrooms.

Every six weeks, The Viking Vanguard publishes a new issue.

Every year, a new volume of the yearbook is produced.

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Every piece of media highlights the news you need to know, the news you want to know and the news you should know. With a lack of these sources, students would be lost in a sea of information without the life raft that Viking Student Media provides

When entering the daunting doors of the main building sophomore year, there is an overwhelming amount of information. With the questions of where sports tryouts are, who to contact regarding auditions for musical groups or the play, which clubs are located where and what classes we should sign up for the following year based on interest and graduation requirements, Viking Student Media gives you the answers in a presentable form.

As a junior, there is an abundance of excitement regarding beginning to leave a mark on the school community. Having an established identity in different activities that have carried on through sophomore year, students explore leadership roles while navigating AP classes, the SAT and forging friendships with Viking Student Media as their GPS to guide them toward the SAT school say, when their AP tests are or promoting classes as juniors anticipate their senior year.

In the final year of Puyallup High School, things should finally be figured out—the harsh reality though, is that they’re not. With application deadlines to manage, graduation credits to be met and a future to establish, seniors are ultimately met with confusion. The answer happily greets students though, in the form of a graphic shown on VNN announcing that Central Washington University is having their on-site admissions day, another displaying that the military recruiters will be at both lunches to discuss opportunities within each branch or a trade school actively accepting applications until a certain date.

Though some may argue that nobody reads the newspaper, students aren’t paying attention to VNN, or that the yearbook doesn’t mean anything, we, the editorial board disagree. Without these sources, students would be in a confused cluster trying to figure out when they need to register for classes or meet with their counselors regarding questions.

 Students being well-informed is crucial to the structure of an organized school, which Viking Student Media provides every time they produce a crucial piece of news to its constituents. Throughout the year, students are given the news they need to know, want to know, and should know, to get them through their day, week, month and year.

To promote the agenda that Viking Student Media informs students and keeps them afloat during the daunting years at PHS, we, the editorial board, urge you to continue to watch VNN, read the newspaper, listen to the announcements, and buy your yearbook.

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