Orton/Massey Takes the Win


And the winner is…

Orton and Massey!

All the food collected from the food drive will benefit PHS’s food pantry. Anyone can visit the pantry by talking to any teacher or administrator. They will bring you to the pantry and help you get the food you need.

The food pantry has been collecting food for a few years now and is a great resource for local students. Leadership was inspired to begin Canned Madness as a fun and encouraging way to get students and teachers to donate. The items of the week are foods and supplies that are especially needed for the pantry. Since teachers generally bring in a lot of that item, they are featured.

The biggest upset in this year’s food drive was Mooring/Cockle’s defeat of Mr. White’s class. He seemed undefeatable, since his class has won the past few years but he was unable to grab a spot in the final two.

Although only one class could take the victory, the food brought by all the classes supports a cause that will benefit the entire school.