Girls track hits ground running

Serena Fink, Reporter

Girls track has been league champion the last two years and the team is on their way to another with the record 11-1 the last three seasons.

“This is a wonderful group of ladies that are motivated to improving themselves and the rest of the team,” head coach Jamie Smith said.

This type of success does not come without working as a team.

“The overall dynamic of the team is great. Even though there are different groups (field events, hurdles, sprints and distance), we all work together as a team,” senior Lyndee Dawson said. “Everyone encourages and supports one another. We are one big family and that’s what makes our track team so special.”

With every team comes leadership positions.

“The leaders on the team this year are the senior girls Lyndee Dawson, Miranda Farlow, Jasmyn Holmstrom, Randi Holtman, Aimee Rodes, Jessica Schmitten, Emily Tacke and Madison Williams,” head coach Denis Erlenmeyer said. “They have all been a dedicated part of this team for the past three years.”

Running for some can be natural but to be great there must be hard work and the girls have done this through leadership in coaching.

“Coach Fleisch puts in hundreds, perhaps even thousands of hours by now, researching best practice and techniques for enhancing athletic success and growth,” Smith said. “The girls have trusted his training and responded by pushing themselves and the results have been evident in their personal growth and dedication.”

To be successful there is more than the physical work but also the mental game.

“It really gets down to how you train. The way you train is the way you compete. If you want to race hard, then you better train hard,” Dawson said. “Another key to success is having the right attitude. The weather could be bad, your life could be stressful, your race could have gone wrong but with the right attitude you can accomplish anything.”

There is a chance of the girls going to state again this year.

“Several of the girls have the chance to do well in post season which starts May 8 at the subdistrict meet and ends May 25 with the state championships,” Erlenmeyer said.

Not only are seniors doing well but underclassmen as well, all with hopes of moving on past the regular season.

“Some key members of our team that are on the path to state are junior Ashley Owens for high jump; junior Braylie Jeffers for long and triple jump and 100 hurdles; sophomore McKenna Cardwell for the 100 and 300 hurdles; senior Rodes, sophomore Shianne Painter and sophomore Kendra Windham for the sprints and relays; senior Dawson and junior Johanna Erickson for the 800 and 1600 and senior Tacke for the 3200,” Smith said.

Girls track is successful but inclusive, a sport anyone can be involved in because it has a no-cut policy.

“One of the things our team has done great at is including everyone. No matter if you’re the slowest or the fastest, everyone has a spot on the team and makes a difference,” Dawson said.  “Our team also competes well and demonstrates good sportsmanship. The track team represents our school very well.”