The Cost to Play


Credit: Jaxon Owens

Total sport comparison
This graph is an examination of the costs to play each of the sports that are offered here at PHS, excluding Boys Water Polo, Boys Swim, Girls Water Polo and Girls Swim. The cost per sport was gathered through obtaining a list a basic equipment from each coach, along with prices for those pieces of equipment. Each of the most expensive were broken down into more detail to give a better idea as to why they are the most expensive. Prices may vary depending on the brand, website or time of the year.
golf equipment comparison pdf
This graph goes into how much it costs to be prepared to play golf. This does not include the cost a round of golf at a golf course. Clubs make up the majority of the cost as quality clubs cost upwards of $500, with TaylorMade clubs reaching prices in the thousands. Golf balls look on the graph as the are inexpensive but Titleist golf balls can reach up to $54. The prices of all these pieces of equipment vary depending when you buy and what brand you buy as different brand will carry a heavier cost.
baseball comparison
The graph above depicts the most expensive sport to play at PHS, baseball. The baseball team has been at the top of the SPSL over the past couple years, with the team capturing the State Championship in 2014 and the District title last year. Quality baseball equipment as shown in the graph can be very expensive. Like golf, how expensive the equipment is depends on the item of year and brand. A bat in the graph is represented at price of $350, but a Rawling bat can get up to $400.
football comparison
Football is one of the most popular sports here at PHS, what people may not realize is just how expensive the sport can be. A great example is the pants, people do not realize just how expensive they can get. If you put the jersey and pants together, that puts the uniforms at costing $410 total, more than a helmet.

Jaxon Owens