Boys golf ends winning streak

Graham-Kapowsin High School handed the boys golf team its first loss in nine years Sept.9, this brings the varsity golf record to 89-0-1.
After 14 years of coaching at PHS, Coach Halverson was surprised with the outcome of the match.
“I knew we were young and inexperienced, but I thought we would play a little better than we did, but give credit to GK, their players did a good job that day,” Halverson said.
This being one of the first matches of the season, the team has a lot to build off of to finish with a great season.
“I think we will have a great season, all the uneasiness about losing our first game is gone. So we are prepared to have a stellar season,” varsity golfer Nathan Breshears said.
Their goal as a group is to win their division, win the league tournament and win State competition.
“Goals separate from that for the players are: lower your match score average for the year, understand the rules of the game and most of all, have fun. It is a game,” Halverson said when explaining what the goals should be for the boys individually.
When asked what his practice philosophy is, Halverson explains that the athletes need to work hard to become a complete player.
“Practice the weak part of your game twice as much as strong points. The short game is where you can save strokes, so practice that more than the long game. Learning and teaching how to manage your game during competition. Know the rules of the game,” Halverson said.