Girls Swim Driven For Success

Building off the success of last year’s season where they placed in state, this year’s girls swim team has already qualified for two relays for State with additional individual qualifiers.

Swim captain and senior Lindsey Muiznieks briefly touches on the success of last season.

“We left off on such a great note last year winning a title in 200-freestyle relay and tying for fifth overall as a team. That boosts our confidence even more that we have already done well last year and we want to continue it on this year,” Muiznieks said.

The 200 medley relay is swam by sophomore Kacey Kiuchi, senior Mackenzie Mergel, Lindsey Muiznieks and freshman Gabi Dunayski.

“From last year, it was our all time high. We got our State champs, we just had solid relays,” Mergel said.

The 400 freestyle relay was swam by senior Maddie Joy, sophomore Kacey Kiuchi, Muiznieks and Mergel.

According to swim coaches Andrea Stammen and Casi Messineo the team has only lost one meet in their league to Curtis High School.

When it comes to swimming competively, Muiznieks says the challenges come from the racing aspect.

“You always want to better your time and that is really hard to do every single time you are in a race,” Muiznieks said.

Muiznieks has been swimming competitively on a club team for nine years and has been a member of the PHS team all four years of high school.

While some people may get nervous before a race, Muiznieks says she is not one of them.

“I think I am one out of the four of us who qualified who does not. I do not get nervous; it is really weird,” Muiznieks said.

When you are swimming fast each time you race, it can be hard to improve times every meet. Mergel offers her own view of how to improve.

“I think if you put in 100 percent effort at practices and you are working towards your goal and making small goals along the way to your big goal, then I think you can do it,” Mergel said.

Mergel qualified in three events for State but State rules are that you can only swim in two individual events. Mergel does not know which events she wants to swim in.

“I honestly do not know; every year it depends on what I am feeling good in,” Mergel said.

With this much success in the season practices are crucial to the team.

“[Practices are] really energetic; all the girls really love being around one another and having lots of fun.” “There is also a serious aspect of getting the work done that the coaches give us to do” Mergel said.

Both Stammen and Messineo want to win the WCD meet this year, which takes place Oct. 17 at Curtis.