Winter Sports Wrap-Up

Jaxon Owens , Website Editor

Girls Basketball:

“I love the team atmosphere, I love the fact that you have to do your individual job in order to help the team. I love the community you get with your teammates and obviously I get with the coaching staff,” girls basketball coach Cherokee Ainslie said.

League Record 7-4

Overall record 12-7

Currently in fourth place in the SPSL South

Boys Basketball:

“Something unique is that this group of seniors was the first group of kids that started in the feeder program in third grade and all of the kids on our team have grown up playing together,” boys basketball coach Scott Campbell said.

League record 7-4

Overall record 14-5

Currently in second place in the SPSL South

Girls Wrestling:

The girls wrestling team is led by two sisters, junior Brooklyn Bartleson and senior Jordyn Bartleson, who have lived up to high expectations with outstanding records so far this season. Brooklyn Bartleson is 20-3 in the 125 pound weight class, while coming in third in the Kelso tournament, losing to the eventual champion, plus is ranked third in the state in her weight class. Jordyn Bartleson is 22-1 this year in the 130 pound weight class, winning the Kelso tournament, beating three-time girls national champion from Post Falls, ID Cierra Foster in the finals. She is currently ranked first in the state for her weight class.

Girls wrestling information compiled by The News Tribune

Boys Wrestling:

“We have had several tournaments. We placed first in two, the Wilfong and the River Ridge Rumble. Our other tournaments had more challenging teams in them and we finished above average. We have a few wrestlers that have stood out this season. Tucker Hanson, senior, has been limited because of injury. He has wrestled in two tournaments. He is currently 7-0, taking first in both of them. Garrison Webking, senior, also had done well this season. He took first at Hammer Head. He is 24-8. Josh Franich, junior, has also done well. He has taken first in two tournaments and has a record of 30-5,” boys wrestling coach Aaron Lee said.

League 1-1

Unified Basketball:

“For Unified we play every Saturday for five or six weeks; this year it is five weeks. Now Feb. 13 PHS will host the district-wide tournament for our region here with about 21 or 22 teams. We will use PHS, Kalles and Aylen for facilities during the tournament. The winner of each of the three divisions moves on to state,” Unified Special Olympics coach John Anderson said. e record 1-1

Boys Swim:

“Some of our fastest swimmers are juniors Beau Pasquier and Jacob Kinne, especially for sprints, those are all good sprinters. For distance, junior Akash Morrell or sophomore Tatum Lingley. We are good this year is we have a lot of good individual swimmers, which helps round out our team. Another thing that helps is all the boys seem to be really close, which really helps,” boys swim manager Abigail Witham said.

League record 6-1

Overall record 6-3

Currently second in the SPSL South


“There are a group of teams all scoring in the same range. One [mistake] in a meet can make the difference between a team going on and not going on. What is really hard in our sport is that only four teams in the whole state make it. It is definitely really tough,” gymnastics coach Dorinda Carpenter said.

League Record 3-0

Overall Record 6-1

Currently in fifth place in the SPSL