Video Game Club Upcoming Games

Many students in Puyallup High School love to play video games such as Rocket League or Super Smash Bros, in their time away from school.  

What isn’t as known is that there is a club just for playing those games–and more–that meets in Room 215 every second and fourth Monday.  

Joining is simple—just show up in the library computer lab.  

English teacher, Jordan Cockle, is the adviser for Video Game Club and says he lets his classroom be used as a competition ground when the VGC meets. 

The Video Game Club started two years ago when a group of students wanted Cockle to host a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.  

Cockle says he agreed and thought that hosting the tournament was “a one-and-done,” but the students asked him to help with the club. The club mainly plays mostly fighting games. Smash Ultimate is an extremely popular title with the members. The VGC hosts other tournaments such as ones with Mario Kart and Guitar Hero as well. 

“I [take part in VGC] when I can, mostly if it’s Smash Brothers. That’s pretty much the only game that I play…with the Video Game Club…[personally] I play Smash Brothers…I like a lot of…action-adventure RPG games…primarily Nintendo Switch is what I play on…[and] I like to build Game Boys…in my spare time too,” Cockle said. 

This year the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) recognized esports as a high school activity. At PHS, preparations are being made to hopefully get a team ready for the spring season. 

Senior Jevon Ignacio is the club president and is in charge of organizing tournaments. Once spring starts, he will oversee esports activity for the school. Ignacio’s main competitive game is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He won the most recent tournament for it in November. 

“In the spring we will have an [esports] team where Rocket League, League of Legends, Street Fighter…probably [Smash Bros.], and many more games will be played against other schools in Washington,” Ignacio said. 

The WIAA esports website lists five games that were played during the Fall 2021 season. Those games were Rocket League, FIFA 21, Dota 2, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Venture Valley.