Player Profile: Luke Taylor


Credit: Photo provided by Luke Taylor

PHS water polo captain Luke Taylor throws the ball for his team. “Water polo is really fun and I really love everyone on my team,” Taylor said.

Margo Hermann, Staff


Ever since elementary school, Luke Taylor has been swimming.  

Now, as a senior, he leads boys water polo as a co-captain. 

Water polo first began to interest Taylor, he says, when his older brother found a love for the sport as a sophomore. 

  “I went to some of his games. It looked fun to me, so I started playing,” Taylor said. 

When Taylor made a travel team and made it, he began competing in tournaments. It was through these experiences that a strong passion for the sport was born.  

“It’s my favorite sport; it has been ever since seventh grade when I started playing,” Taylor said.  

This year, Taylor has the added responsibility of leading his team in practices and games. 

“It’s a lot of work, keeping everyone on task,” Taylor said.  

Along with the leadership responsibilities on the team, Taylor balances a busy schedule between school and his time in the pool.  

“I’d get home probably at 6:45 p.m. from practice, and so I’d start working on homework then, whatever I wasn’t able to finish during the week I’d do on the weekends,” Taylor said. 

For Taylor, he says the skills he has learned in water polo go beyond the pool.  

“I’ve learned leadership from being captain. It doesn’t just apply to water polo. I can apply the skills that I’ve learned from that to other areas of my life,” Taylor said.