Viking Knights and Ladies attend to the community

As a “service to the school,” according to adviser Angela Reed, the Viking Knights and Ladies help at a wide range of events, from band, choir and orchestra concerts to the Winter Wishes assembly.
Reed says that the group does not stop at events aimed towards students and staff of the high school but towards the community and alumni as well.
“Any nighttime event that is open to the public, we are there,” Reed said.
Reed continued to explain the roles of a Viking Knight or Lady in the school as well as their roles in the community.
“When they come to [an event] a Viking Lady or Knight will help them get to where they need to go…the community sometimes does not see young men and women in a role dressed up with a tie on or a dress and helping [out] and I think that is a positive image for people to see,” Reed said.
The organization will see a slight change in the way Knights and Ladies are chosen this year as students will not just be nominated by teachers and various staff members but by personal selection.
“In the past [students] have been faculty selected, this year however, it is going to change as people can nominate themselves as being someone that is interested in being a Viking Lady or Knight and there is an application and a recommendation process from there,” Reed said.
Reed has no alternative goals for the group but to make sure that the community can see these students as a responsible and well-rounded group, ready to become an active part of the community.